Are you planning to get married in India, in the land of myths and mysteries? Really Getting married in India can be interesting with all its vibrancy and its unity in diversity feature. Getting Married in India can be a pleasant experience as it offers you a choice of rituals from different religions and castes.

Marriage is an essential part of Human lives. In fact it has been discovered that 99% of humans aspire for marriage. The event of Marriage encapsulates the greatest oath taking ceremony in ones life and that too irrespective of cast, creed religion and language. It is the sweetest lifelong commitment one can have in life.

Indian marriages are highly interesting as they owe all of their customs and rituals to their long lost pagan forefathers. Indian Marriages have been acclaimed all over the world for its diversity and colorfulness. It has been seen that many people come from abroad and adopt the Indian marriage rituals to get married. It will be unwise to say that India marriages are essentially Hindu in flavor. In fact it is as much Hindu as it is at par with any other religion. In a secular country like India a huge chunk of population is Muslim and the next major mass is comprised of Christians.

Indian Marriage
According to Indian beliefs cultural inheritance marriage is a sacrament, a rite enabling two individuals to start their journey in life together. The Hindu wedding lays emphasis on three essential values: happiness, harmony, and growth. The institution of marriage can be traced back to Vedic times. The marriage ceremony should be held on a day in the “bright half” of the northern course of the sun. In Hindu marriages the essence of this ritual lies in its rhythmic hymns, the essence of the flowers, The jewelry, the heavy costumes, the sangeet and the happiness in the air is what it means to have a marriage in Indian Custom. Though dowry is also an evil acting upon marriage at some parts of India but it has largely been suppressed and evacuated.

Indian Marriage Rituals consists of several steps. The generalized wedding ceremony, includes Mahendi and Peethi that is a day before the wedding the palm and feet of the bride are decorated with “Mahendi”. This is an eventful day for the bride. The same might also take place at the groom’s residence with the groom. A canopy decorated with flowers is erected at the place of wedding. On the wedding day, at the morning, various rituals are performed on both the bride and the groom in their own homes like their bodies are anointed with turmeric, sandalwood paste and oils, which cleanse the body, soften the skin, and make it aromatic. They are then bathed to the chanting of Vedic mantras. In the evening the canopy acts as the marriage stage decorated with flowers and with a fire as witness the Hindu marriage ceremony begins.

It is a long and elaborate ceremony, with every step rooted in Vedic tradition, signifying various aspects of live that are to follow after the marriage. For Marriage the grooms relatives and family members with friends and neighbors come to the venue and this whole arrangement is done by the bride’s family. Traditional Indian Wedding dresses are the dress code for a marriages and is an object of great admiration and awe as on such occasions you get to see a huge range of costly and typical Indian dresses.

Celebrity Weddings in India has been an object of real hype these days, thanks to media of course but this has definitely taken India to international level of appreciation and popularity. It has been found that many celebrities all over the world have chosen to wear the traditional Indian wedding dresses like saris to adorn themselves on their great marriage days. Even in some celebrity weddings in India superstar come to perform thus adding new glory and popularity to the day. in some celebrity marriages also the dress code for all invitees have been defined to be on some themes like traditional Indian marriage dresses.

Isn’t that interesting? You can try it yourself or can even make your marriage all the more interesting by planning a Wedding Tour to India. Really It will help you intermingle your culture with that of India and give you wedding a new look that is going to rock and be memorable as one of the greatest marriages in your society.

Other Marriages in India like the ones of the Muslims of the Christians in India are also interesting but to get it in a true Indian way and that too in a typically Hindu customs can add vigor to your most coveted day in your life a sit is something new and absolutely native.

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